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Guidelines for Developing SRS

Goal of this project, realized in co-operation with the Poznan City Hall, was to provide guidelines for development of software requirements specifications (especially when bid of tender procedure is involved).

The project was initiated, and realized in co-operation with IT Department of the Poznan City Hall.

The goal of the project was to prepare a set of guidelines for supporting government units (as well as industrial companies) in preparation of SRS documents.

guideliness for developing srs - a set of documents

As a result of collaboration, a set of documents has been proposed. It includes the SRS template (based on IEEE std. 830:1998 and ISO 9126), manual for the template (presenting guidelines for using the SRS template, as well as an introduction to requirements engineering), and example of the SRS for the exisiting system ADE (original SRS, used for bid of tender procedure, was re-written according to the template).

Proposed SRS template:

1. Introduction

   1.1 Purpose

   1.2 Document Conventions

   1.3 Product Scope

   1.4 References

2. Overall Description

   2.1 Product Perspective

   2.2 Product Features

   2.3 Constraints

   2.4 User Documentation

   2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies

3. Business Process Model

   3.1 Actors and User Characteristics

   3.2 Business Objects

   3.3 Business Processes

   3.4 Business Rules

4. Functional Requirements

   4.x Functional Module X

      4.x.1 Description and Priority

      4.x.2 Use Cases

      4.x.3 Specific Functional Requirements

5. Interface Characteristics

   5.1 User Interfaces

   5.2 External Interfaces

      5.2.1 Hardware Interfaces

      5.2.2 Software Interfaces

      5.2.3 Communications Interfaces

6. Non-functional Requirements

7. Other Requirements

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Data Dictionary

Appendix C: Analysis Models

Appendix D: Issues List

Although deliverables of this projects are available only in Polish, you can look for some  additional information regarding requirements engineering at our software engineering blog.


Authors: Jakub Jurkiewicz, Mirosław Ochodek, Bartosz Walter

Consultations: Jerzy Nawrocki


The download package contains the license (available at Polish version of this page) that defines conditions under which this work can be used and redistributed.

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