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Research Areas

The research areas of our team

We are especially interested in following areas of Software Engineering:

  • software architectures

    • documenting architectural knowledge,

    • architecture evaluation methods,

  • requirements engineering

    • use cases - elicitation, documentation, quality assurance (including automatic reviews),

    • non-functional requirements - elicitation and documentation,

  • software testing

    • acceptance testing - test scripts generation based on use cases and screen sketches,

  • software quality

    • quality management systems and software process improvement tools - ISO 9000, CMMI,

    • quality of code - refactoring, code metrics, bad-smells,

  • project management

    • software development methodologies - based on research and analysis of existing methods like PRINCE2, RUP, XP the new methodology has been developed, which is called XPrince,

    • software cost estimation - we are working on methods for size and effort estimation based on functional requirements, architectural knowledge and non-functional requirements.

We are collaborating with software development companies within the XPrince Consortium in order to improve the XPrince methodology.

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