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Use Cases Database (UCDB)
The goal of UCDB is to collect use-case-based requirements specification from real software projects.
Enhancing Use-Case-Based Effort Estimation with Transaction Types (presentation)
Recently we have conducted some research regarding use-case-based effort estimation. Results were presented at CEE-SET'09 conference. If you would like to read ...
Use Cases Database (UCDB)
The goal of UCDB is to collect use-case-based requirements specification from real software projects.
Use-Case-Based Effort Estimation Database (UCEEDB)
This database provides data required to estimate effort based on use cases (Use Case Points, Transactions, TTPoints etc.)
Database of Software Projects
We are trying to collect data from real software projects for research and calibration of effort estimation methods.
UC Workbench – A Tool for Writing Use Cases and Generating Mockups
Agile methodologies are based on effective communication with the customer. The ideal case is XP s on-site customer. Unfortunately, in practice customer ...
Requirements Engineering (English)
Here you can discuss all topics related to requirements engineering
Inżynieria wymagań (Polish)
Tutaj możesz dyskutować na tematy związane z inżynierią wymagań
Szacowanie pracochłonności (Polish)
Tutaj możesz podyskutować na tematy związane z szacowaniem rozmiaru oprogramowania i pracochłonności
Software Cost Estimation (English)
Here you can discuss all topics related to the size, effort estimation
UC Workbench
UC Workbench is a tool assisting analysts in requirements engineering. It allows analyst to create use cases easily, manage them, maintain changes, sketch user ...
Enhancing Use Cases with Screen Designs
This paper presents a language called ScreenSpec that can be used to specify screens at requirements elicitation phase. ScreenSpec was successfully applied in ...
Towards Use-Cases Benchmark
In the paper an approach to developing a use-cases benchmark is presented. The benchmark itself is a referential use-case-based requirements specification, ...
Supporting Use-Case Reviews
Use cases are a popular way of specifying functional requirements of computer-based systems. Each use case contains a sequence of steps which are described ...
Automatic Transactions Identification in Use Cases
Since the early 90's of the previous century, use cases have became informal industry standard for presenting functional requirements. The rapid popularity ...
Quick Prototyping of Web Applications
Web applications are getting more and more complex. Because of this effective communication with prospective end user is essential. In the paper the concept of ...
Describing Business Processes with Use Cases
Business processes can be described with diagrams, e.g. BPMN diagrams, or as text. Use cases are a text-based notation. They are semiformal: a business process ...
CRUD Pattern in Use Cases
If you have ever been writing use cases for a data-oriented system (i.e. CMS), you have probably noticed that there is a problem with the large number of use ...
Use Case Points
The Use Case Points (UCP) method, proposed by Gustav Karner can be used to estimate effort early in the project life-cycle, with relatively low cost. It is ...
Transactions in Use Cases, Non-functional Requirements, and Architectural Decisions
Architectural decisions are usually considered to be influenced mainly by non-functional requirements (NFRs). It is difficult to disagree with such thesis. ...
Review of book: Software Estimation Demystifying the Black Art
Steve McConell's book is one of the best book concerning software cost estimation available on the market. In my opinion it could be especially valuable for ...
HAZOP-based identification of events in use cases
  Completeness is one of the main quality attributes of requirements specifications. If functional requirements are expressed as use cases, one can be ...
Introduction to Use Cases
Use cases, introduced by Ivar Jacobson more than 20 years ago, are used to capture user (actor) point of view while describing functional requirements of the ...
Use-case-based effort estimation database (UCEEDB)
The goal of UCEEDB is to collect use-case-based requirements specification and actual effort from real software projects. It enables calibration of effort ...
Improving the reliability of transaction identification in use cases
Context: The concept of transactions is used in Use Case Points (UCP), and in many other functional size measurement methods, to capture the smallest unit of ...
RA 04/10: Constructing Partial Domain-Models for Functional Size Measurement with TTPoints
UC-Sketch goes online
We have just published a new tool that supports analyst in writing use-case scenarios. Check it out!
UC-Sketch is a platform for rapid development of project documentation in form of use cases. System supports process of writing use cases in automatic way. ...
Simplifying effort estimation based on Use Case Points
Context: The Use Case Points (UCP) method can be used to estimate software development effort based on a use-case model and two sets of adjustment factors ...
Use Case Diagram
Use cases were Ivar Jacobson's contribution to the UML notation. Although they are in most cases presented in a textual form, there is a special diagram in UML ...
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