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UC Workbench – A Tool for Writing Use Cases and Generating Mockups

Jerzy Nawrocki and Łukasz Olek (2005)

In: Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, vol. 3556, pp. 230-234, Springer. LNCS.

Agile methodologies are based on effective communication with the customer. The ideal case is XPrsquos on-site customer. Unfortunately, in practice customer representatives are too busy to work with the development team all the time. Moreover, frequently there are many of them and each representative has only partial domain knowledge. To cope with this we introduced to our projects a proxy-customer role resembling RUPrsquos Analyst and we equipped him with a tool, called UC Workbench, that supports the communication with the customer representatives and the developers. Analyst collects user stories from customer representatives and lsquotranslatesrsquo them into use cases. UC Workbench contains among other things a use-case editor and a generator of mockups (a mockup generated by UC Workbench animates use-cases and illustrates them with screen designs).

requirements engineering, uc workbench, use cases

This research has been financially supported by the State Committee for Scientific Research as a research grant 4 T11F 001 23 (years 2002-2005)

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