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Use Cases Database (UCDB)

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The goal of UCDB is to collect use-case-based requirements specification from real software projects.

The goal of the Use Case Database

The goal of the project is to collect use-case-based requirements specifications from real software projects. Based on collected data we would like to observe how typical use-case-based requirements specification looks like?ucdb

Thank to Use Case Database (UCDB) you can:

  • check how typical is your specifications,
  • asses the time required for a tool to analyse requirement specification,
  • asses the quality of a tool/method,
  • to compare tools and choose the best one.

Use Cases in the Database

Use cases in our database are coming from different sources. Some of them were provided by software development companies we are cooperating with; some of them were found in the Internet; and some of them were developed by our students who were working on their software projects within our Software Development Studio.

If you would like to know more about the projects and properties of use cases you can proceed to description of one of the versions of the database:

  • UCDB version 2.0 - you can find more details in the paper which is supposed to be published in Computing and Informatics Journal. This version of database consists of 524 use cases (16 projects),
  • UCDB version 1.0 - initial version of the database presented at CEE-SET 2008 conference. If you are interested in details you can find them in the paper. This version consisted of 432 use cases (11 projects).

If you have any use-case-based software requirments specification you would like to share with us please contact one of the following people: Bartosz Alchimowicz, Jakub Jurkiewicz, Mirosław Ochodek.

Referential Specification - Use-Case Benchmark

Based on the use cases stored in UCDB we are trying to obtain a typical profile of a use-case-based requirements specification. Because some of the requirements specification stored in our database cannot be used explicitly by other researchers (e.g. some of them are confident and some of them are in Polish), we are trying to develop Referential Specification. This specification has a near-typical profile, that means that its properties is more or less what you can expect to find in real projects. It can be used for benchmarking tools for use-case analysis (you can find example in both papers: CEE-SET'08 and CAI) or you can use it to investigate whether specification you have is something typically observed in projects or not.

Here you can find all available versions of the Referential Specification.

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