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Incremental Architecture Refinement

Bartosz Michalik, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Mirosław Ochodek (2009)

In: Software Engineering Techniques in Progress, ed. by Huzar Z., Nawrocki J., Szpyrka M., pp. 142-155, AGH University of Science and Technology Press.

In many contemporary projects, software architecture is a result of a knowledge discovery process and it is time consuming. To make the process more effective we propose a suite of short workshops that streamline the architecture refinement process. Each workshop is a central point of a corresponding architectural increment. The workshops can be easily adjusted to the process needs. The described approach is a result of our experience with using ATAM as an architecture evaluation method and it has been tried out in the industrial settings.

architecture evaluation, iso9126, quality attributes, software architecture, adapt, atam

Project operated within the Foundation for Polish Science Ventures Programme co-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund


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