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UCDB version 1.0

initial version of the database presented at CEE-SET 2008 conference. This version consisted of 432 use cases (11 projects).

UCDB 1.0 was initial version of the database presented at CEE-SET 2008 conference.  It consisted of 432 use cases coming from 11 projects, which are briefly presented in Table 1.

In Table 2, you can find a list of properties we were trying to measure quantitatively. Only the average values are presented here. If you are interested in details you can find them in the paper. You can also look at the next editions of the database.

Table 1. Projects requirements-specications (origin: industry - project developed by software development company, s2b - project developed by students for external organisation, external - specication obtained from the ex- ternal source which is freely accessible through the Internet - this refers to two specications: UKCDR, PIMS; projects D and K come from the same organisation)

ID Specification Language Origin Number of use cases Description
All Business User Sub-function
Project A English S2B 17 0.0% 76.0% 24.0% Web & standalone application for managing members of organization
Project B English S2B 37 19.0% 46.0% 35.0% Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
Project C English External 39 18.0% 44.0% 33.0% UK Collaboration for a Digital Repository (UKCDR)
Project D Polish Industry 77 0.0% 96.0% 4.0% Web-based e-government Content Management System (CMS)
Project E Polish S2B 41 0.0% 100% 0.0% Web-based Document Management System (DMS)
Project F Polish Industry 10 0.0% 100% 0.0% Web-based invoices repository for remote accounting
Project G English External 90 0.0% 81.0% 19.0% Protein Information Management System (PIMS)
Project H Polish Industry 16 19.0% 56.0% 25.0% Integration of two sub-system s in ERP scale system
Project I Polish Industry 21 38.0% 57.0% 5.0% Banking system
Project J Polish Industry 9 0.0% 67.0% 33.0% Single functional module for the web-based e-commerce solution
Project K Polish Industry 75 0.0% 97.0% 3.0% Web-based workflow system with Content Management System (CMS)


Table 2. Use-Cases Database analysis overall

Requirements specification independent
Property Overall
Number of steps in main scenario Mean 4.87
SD 2.48
Use cases with extensions 72.9%
Number of extensions in use case Mean 1.50
SD 1.84
Number of steps in extension Mean 2.51
SD 1.62
Steps with validation actions 3.0%
Extensions which are validations 46.6%
Main actor's steps sequence length in main scenario 1 62.7%
2 20.1%
3 9.8%
4 3.9%
>4 3.5%
Secondary actor's steps sequence length in main scenario 1 80.6%
2 13.3%
3 3.3%
4 1.9%
>4 0.9%

Requirements specification dependent
Property Overall
Number of use cases with sub-scenario 13.7%
Number of steps in sub-scenario Mean 1.98
SD 1.69
Use cases with pre-conditions 48.5%
Use cases with post-conditions 10.6%
Use cases with triggers 36.3%
Steps with conditional clauses 3.2%
Number of steps with reference to use cases 6.3%
Number of extensions with scenario 71.9%
Number of extensions with stories 28.1%


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