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Software Engineering Blog

Here you can find information concerning our research and generally related to software engineering and software development.

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For Polish readers: Wpisy na blogu w większości będą publikowane w języku angielskim. Jeśli uważasz, że dana tematyka może być szczególnie istotna dla szerszego grona, daj nam znać postaramy się przetłumaczyć wpis na języka polski (jeśli chcesz możesz to zrobić także samemu :)

Indtroducing ATAM with Technical Drama

This blog entry presents Technical Drama knowledge transfer approach, its application for teaching ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Evaluation Method) and summarizes the results we obtained in two case studies - at university and in software companies.

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Transactions in Use Cases, Non-functional Requirements, and Architectural Decisions

Architectural decisions are usually considered to be influenced mainly by non-functional requirements (NFRs). It is difficult to disagree with such thesis. However, some of the decisions are not directly driven by NFRs, but by the functionality of the system. It can also happen that some of the NFRs are not explicitly defined. In this entry, you can find a checklist containing 20 questions regarding functional requirements that can help you investigate required capabilities of a system architecture.

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Incremental architecture refinement

One of the topic we are working on is software architecture evaluation. The incremental architecture evaluation approach was presented at CEE-SET'09 conference. If you would like to know the details about the approach read this article.

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