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Building Benchmarks for Use Cases

Bartosz Alchimowicz, Jakub Jurkiewicz, Mirosław Ochodek, and Jerzy Nawrocki (2010)

Computing and Informatics, 29(1):27-44.

This paper presents how the use-cases benchmark has been built and how it can be applied by researchers. Set of 16 industrial projects (with 524 use cases in total) has been analysed in order to obtain quantitative and qualitative profile of a typical use-case-based requirements specification. Based on the analysis, two types of referential use-case-based requirements specifications have been created, one taking only quantitative data into account and second considering quantitative data. Researchers who analyse use cases can utilise this specifications in order to validate their methods and tools before applying them to real projects. Moreover such referential specification can be used as a benchmark and allows comparing accuracy and efficiency of tools for use-case analysis.

Projekt realizowany w ramach programu Ventures Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej współfinansowanego ze środków Unii Europejskiej – Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego


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